Our Final Video? FTC/COPPA Ends Our Run | HaslageNet

Today, I will be sharing some information with you about a recent Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lawsuit against YouTube under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). In a nutshell, the FTC alleged that YouTube “illegally collected personal information from children”. YouTube settled the lawsuit, but is now forced to make changes to how its channel owners may operate. The potential financial risk in continuing to produce scheduled content, plus a lack of personal time, has led us to cease production, at least for now. We may still continue to live stream game play content, but most likely with other services.

Have you missed a video in the HaslageNet video series? Then check out our playlist:

UPDATE: While I was posting this video, I had noticed that YouTube had created COPPA compliant settings. However, the video upload setting options are either all for kids, none for kids or let me decide case-by-case. As I said in this video, I do not want to have to decide where each past video lands as there are hundreds. Hopefully, YouTube will offer a means to update all previously uploaded videos. I am not sure if the channel setting where we defined that we never upload content directed towards children covers all previously uploaded videos.

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