Transformers: Video Game History | HNE Games

On Monday, March 8, 2021 at 12 PM ET, we will track the over 35 year history of the #Transformers in #video #games. We start back in 1985, on the Commodore 64 and end this year on computers. The Transformers took a decade long break from video games after Generation One between 1987 and 1997, only to return with two entries in the Beast Wars. Ever since, Transformers video games have been released regularly.

Have you missed a video in the HNE Games video series? Then check out our playlist:


Transformers Wiki:

Haslage Net Enterprises, Devastation:

World of Longplays, The Transformers (C64):

World of Longplays, The Transformers: Battle to Save the Earth (C64):

World of Longplays, Mystery of Convoy:

VideoGaming4U, The Headmasters:

Kawaii Games, Beast Wars:

Vysethedetermined2, Beast Wars Transmetals:

xTimelessGaming, Call of the Future:

xTimelessGaming, Transformers (2004):

Throneful, The Game:

AnonymousAffection, Revenge of the Fallen:

TransformersGame, War for Cybertron:

TransformersGame, Dark of the Moon:

TransformersGame, Fall of Cybertron:

TransformersGame, Prime:

TransformersGame, Rise of the Dark Spark:

TransformersGame, Devastation:

GameSpot Trailers, Battlegrounds:

MMOJACKX57, Online:

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