Transformers: PW Power Of The Primes Dreadwind | Quick Convert

Beginning on Monday, May 17, 2021 at 12 PM ET, and reoccurring every Monday and Wednesday for nine weeks, we introduce a series of short videos depicting the conversion of different #Transformers on each day. If this series’ first season of episodes proves popular, we will continue with another season.

We shall begin with the #Prime #Wars Trilogy featuring Arcee/Leinad, Blurr/Hyperfire, Brainstorm/Teslor, Chromedome/Stylor, Galvatron/Nucleon, Hardhead/Furos, Highbrow/Xort, Hot Rod/Firedrive, Kup/Flintlock, Mindwipe/Vorath, Scourge/Fracas, Skullsmasher/Grax, Slugslinger/Caliburst, Triggerhappy/Blowpipe, Twinferno/Daburu, Wolfwire/Monxo, Blackwing & Dreadwind.

Have you missed a video in the Transformers: Quick Convert video series? Then check out our playlist:

HasbroToyPic #HasbroToyPics @TFReviewers

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