Dell XPS 8930 Upgrade 2: Gigabyte Geforce RTX 3060 GPU & EVGA 650 GT PSU | HNE Tech

Today, we are upgrading our editing computer for the final time. It is three generations removed and only the GPU and PSU remain to be upgraded. This upgrade includes the #Gigabyte Geforce RTX #3060 Eagle OC 12G GPU and #EVGA 650W Gold GT Supernova PSU. In case you were wondering, rendering frames per second got up to 180 for this video at 1080p.

Dell XPS 8930 Unboxing:
Dell XPS 8930 Upgrade 1:
Micro Center:

Have you missed a video in the HNE Tech video series? Then check out our playlist:

Review #Computer #Gigabyte #Geforce #3060 #EVGA #650W


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