When you need more HDMI! Yogpun 4K DisplayPort to HDMI Uni-Directional Adapter | HNE Tech

Today, we are checking out the Yogpun 4K DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter. The GPU on my streaming computer has three ports, none of them are the same. I have single Display, HDMI and DVI ports. The problem is that both of my monitors use HDMI. My hope by ordering this product was to switch from a DVI adapter to DisplayPort. Plus, DVI does not have sound, but DisplayPort does. My only real concern is potential socket sag caused by the adapter sticking out 1.5 inches. Otherwise, it works as promised. This product was provided for free via the Amazon Vine reviewers program.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BYS4CNKH

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