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Anthony R. Haslage YouTube Channel

Hey all,
I have started a second YouTube channel for editorial and opinion pieces that do not really fit with what HaslageNet is doing. For February 2020, I am primarily sharing my daily work experiences at various jobs in videos subtitled, “Day At Work”. Please check it out and remember to let me know what you think. Plus, like and subscribe to the videos and channel, thanks!
– Anthony R. Haslage

Welcome to the new HNE!

After years of independent website hosting, we have moved to WordPress. It is simply a matter of cost. HNE as an entity is entirely not profitable. No one has made any money from HNE in years. In fact, the act of paying for web hosting and the renewal of a web domain each year costs more than HNE earns. This move is meant to reduce the annual costs to simple domain renewal.

With this change also comes the end of Games – Ohio. Since 2002, Games – Ohio has provided tabletop gaming opportunities to north-central Ohio. But, as with HNE, GO eventually turned out to cost too much. Games – Ohio has already begun the process of turning over parts of itself to other game organizers in the area and will effectively end by October 2018.

That being said, HNE as a website will become strictly a blog to store information pertinent to its owners hobbies. Nothing more or less.

Thank you for your years of patronage!

We are now open for business!

It is official, you can now register for an account and partake in what our website has to offer. If you have any questions, utilize the Contact Us page via the menu: Corporation -> About Us -> Contact Us

Welcome to the new HNE website!

Welcome to the new Haslage Net Enterprises.  While the pages are up and going, some external work is being completed as well as updates to our forums, shop and side menus as we import content from the previous website and attempt to match the overall flow of other sites in the HNE Network.  Until all of the websites are completed, account creation will be suspended.  An announcement will be made once we are ready for the public.

Please be patient with us while we move through this transition.  Thanks.