Website Rules

Chat Rooms & Discussion Forum

  • Only create posts in the most relevant topics by reading prior to posting.
  • Be respectful of other users and avoid creating or perpetuating conflict.
  • Report to moderators when issues with other users arise, do not attempt to resolve the issues yourself.
  • Do not post adult of offensive materials as this website targets general audiences.
  • Do not violate the copyrights of others by re-posting materials without explicit permission.
  • Only post conversations in English using proper grammar and writing.
  • Do not post links to adult or offensive material as this forum targets general audiences.
  • Do not misrepresent yourself or your associations.
  • When creating a post, your subject line should summarize the post.
  • Do not post SPAM. This includes advertising any materials not directly related to the topic.
  • Moderators reserve the right to delete or modify submissions.
  • All of the above also applies to private messaging.


  • Image sizes are limited by the system.
  • All of the Discussion Forum rules also applies to Avatars.


  • Limit signatures to three (3) lines of text at 100 percent in font size 12.
  • Links must be related to items of a personal nature, such as a league, personal or a work website.
  • Image sizes and link numbers are limited by the system.
  • All of the Discussion Forum rules also applies to Signatures.


  • Most violations of these rules will result in a warning.
  • Three (3) warnings within 90 days will result in a site-wide ban.
  • Major infractions will result in a site-wide ban.
  • Bans may last anywhere from days to forever, depending on the nature of the infraction.
  • Users do not have the right to complain about punishments, but may write a polite appeal letter to the administrator for reconsideration.
  • Do not promote or exploit any issues found on the website.
  • Abuse of any systems at a level considered to be legally punishable will result in the proper legal authorities being contacted.

These Website Rules are a conglomeration based on rules found at Google.Com, CoolHomePages.Com, Yahoo.Com and PHPBB.Com, all respective rights reserved.