Pokemon 3: Spell of the Unown


Kids WB Presents: Pokemon the Movie 3
Haslage Net Enterprises exclaims ‘Watch this until the final credit, this is a winner!’



Pikachu and Pichu
In tradition with Pikachu Project 98, a movie short starring Pikachu always starts the pokeball rolling. Pikachu and friends are taken to the city somewhere in Johto for a nice break. Ash will be back at 6pm for them, so there is time to relax and play. Pikachu notices a few Pichu (baby Pikachu) playing on a tall building’s ledge. Pikachu helps the Pichu safely off the ledge and the Pichu repay Pikachu by showing them a playhouse in an alley. Pikachu meets many types of Pokemon and runs into a bit of trouble with Houndour.

Pokemon the Movie 3
Ash and Pikachu are back on the big screen. Pokemon the Movie 3 delivers like last year’s Pokemon the Movie 2000 (P2K). This movie continues on the path to the Johto League with Ash, Misty and Brock. They meet up with a few friends along the way, including a teenager named Lisa. The beginning of the story evolves around a little girl named Molly and her father Prof. Spencer Hale, a former student of Samual Oak and a childhood friend of Delia Ketchum.

Mysteriously Spencer disappears without a trace and Molly surrounds herself in imaginary world with the help of the Unowns she discovers with her father’s research. Her imagination starts taking physical form, with the help of the Unowns, create the mythical Pokemon; Entei.

General Review: Anthony

Pikachu and Pichu
What surprised me the most was the jazz music as the musical score. I expected the usual techno but got a treat with something more American. There are no actual slow points in this short, however, I realize there is a pattern for these Pikachu short features. Since this short did not have the annoying 15-second distractions, this has to be the best of the Pikachu shorts.

Pokemon the Movie 3
Thanks to a projectionist’s error, I was treated to a boxed format that totally cut off the heads of everyone in the picture. After a few minutes, and a few complains, it was corrected. The movie starts off a bit slow as it explains how Molly’s father disappeared.

One surprise was the appearance of Tracy in his first speaking role since the Orange Island Adventures. The other surprise was Team Rocket’s appearance and the fact they had almost no function in this movie. The final surprise was that no one pointed out Misty’s fondness for Ash, and that is what I expected the most.

The movie picks up at a fast pace with Ash in a battle with Lisa. They virtually use all of their Pokemon, except one, which you have to find out for yourself. That Pokemon is one of my favorites and was not in the story at all. The movie builds up nicely, the action was fast-paced and no matter what others said; there were no loose ends. Everyone has to start watching the credits before writing a review.

General Review: Chris

Pikachu and Pichu
Unlike Pikachu’s Vacation, this one does not dumb it down for the kids. It is entertaining and unlike the original, there are no breaks to show the hypnotic Pokemon poses. I actually enjoyed this animated short. It reminded me of some of the small cartoons I grew up with. I especially loved the ending, which was a total shock to me.

Pokemon the Movie 3
The question is where to start. I honestly missed the first few minutes due to a few factors. The most disturbing is having the letterbox version of the movie. I didn’t quite catch what was going on, but I did understand the output of it. The father disappeared. Ash did brighten the screen and even made the movie seem brighter, as he always does. A Pokemon movie needs a decent action scene to pick up the pace, and this was the time it was needed.

I loved the interaction with all the characters, rather than with just the main ones. The full cast from the TV Series made it more interesting, giving a nice story. The new Pokemon additions were not as interesting as the story, but it fills the screen because it is what people come to see. Entei and the Unown were the main focus Pokemon for me, not even Pikachu was hyped as much in this Pokemon movie compared from previous.

Being an adult and watching this movie, I believe I grasped more of the story line than the average viewer. I saw the compassion and love between the characters and how the world varied between these characters. I disagree with my brother about Team Rocket, they had a vital role, a role for which I love them for; comic relief. Meowth is still my buddy.

Overall I definitely it is worth the ticket. Watch it from beginning to the end of the credits. You miss a lot of information if you walk out when the credits roll!


We both see this movie as an adventure and should not be plagued by the disappointment of Pokemon the Movie 1. There is no preachy parts in this movie or any items to insult the intelligence of the viewers. Pokemon the Movie 3 is the best part of the trilogy and when the credits stop rolling at the end, you’ll see why. Pokemon the Movie 3 delivers!

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