Ten Questions Interviews

We conduct interviews with celebrities, gamers, politicians, social media influencer and pretty much anyone else where we find their stories entertaining. After a nearly decade long hiatus from journalism, Anthony is back and has expanded his “Ten Questions” format to capture a wider entertainment scope. Using Discord, Facebook, Google and Skype video, Anthony interviews individuals from the comfort of their homes or offices and posts the results to social media. The questions are generally the same, with a few minor adjustments based upon industry and are purposefully designed for the enjoyment of both the interviewee and the audience. It is for entertainment, after all.

All entertainment-based interviews are shared with the HNE Games’ social media, @HaslageNet. All political and governmental-based interviews are shared with The Internet Politician’s social media, @ARHaslage.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Anthony Haslage, known for over two decades as “The Internet Politician”, hosted a local television and radio program named “Politically Crowded” and wrote countless articles for a number of digital and print publications. Politically Crowded was a panel discussion with a number of topics joined by a common theme. The Internet Politician articles focused on the politics of the Internet, providing some online help for those that sought it out as well as interviewing game developers of the day.

If you are a celebrity, gamer, politician or social media influencer who has received an interview request from us and have questions or are interested in being interviewed by us, please let us know. Thank you.