URL Rating System (URS)

Most people are not real fans of ratings but sometimes they are necessary. Especially if you own a business where people might be offended. So I’ve made a rating system (like the ones seen on TV) so parents (as well as children) can see if items are suitable. These are great to use if you are going to show screen shots from games such as Doom or Wolfenstein (and games of that nature).

 Feel Free to Save Any of these Ratings for Your Site

url-13-aniNOTE: These ratings can be used without Haslage Net Electronics’ permission on other sites (that is the intended use). If you are going to animate these graphics, please show at least four seconds of the URL rating. Look at the left URL 13 as an example as it animates.

url-ei-bURL E/I is meant for a range of audiences. The sites with this rating may contain educational information for many different age ranges and should contain an additional rating listed below.

url-y-bURL Y is meant for a young audience. The sites with this rating mostly focus on children and should not contain adult language or content.

url-g-bURL G is meant for a general audience. The sites with this rating must not contain adult language or content.

url-pg-bURL PG is meant for audiences over the age of (7) seven with parental participation. These sites contain some content of adult language that may perhaps be heard at an average American home and some minimal violence.

url-13-bURL 13 is meant for audiences in their teen years and older. These sites may contain mild adult language, situations unsuitable for children and some gore and violence.

url-m-bURL M is meant for audiences of (17) seventeen years and older. These sites may contain strong language, adult situations (without nudity) and large amounts of gore and violence.

url-a-bURL A is meant for audiences of (18) eighteen or (21) twenty-one years and older, depending on government guidelines. These sites may contain nudity, strong violence, gore, language and adult situations in any amount and combination.

This system was inspired by the (ESRB) Entertainment Software Rating Board. If you have questions or comments pertaining to the rating of the software you have purchased, call (800) 771-3772. The (URS) was created by: Christopher A. Haslage and Haslage Net Enterprises.