Social Media & Website Management Agreement

By accepting a management role with social media or website(s) owned by Haslage Net Enterprises or its divisions, you agree to use the abilities that are given to you solely for the purpose of promoting the agreed upon activities and/or products. You also agree to not adjust the settings of the social media or website(s) without the permission of an administrator. In addition, you agree not to alter or delete materials submitted by other managers and will report any questionable materials to an administrator. However, you are permitted to respond to public requests for information if you feel that you qualified to respond as well as remove any publicly submitted materials if the content can be considered questionable. It is further noted that all posted content must be family-friendly and placed only in the designated locations. Any violation of this agreement will result at minimum in your removal from the management role and/or at maximum in legal action, depending upon the severity of the infraction. Ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.

Keep this in mind when submitting content:
Everything is connected to Twitter. Thus, you should always include text that either describes, explains or titles the content when posting or sharing, be it a link, photograph, video or etcetera. Otherwise, the content feeds to Twitter as only a simple link. Some people rightly believe that some links without context may lead them to unsafe content.