Shop Policies


We are open to discussing an arrangement where we can bundle items together to save on shipping. However, we will only consider doing this with those whose carts show that shipping actually exceeds the total price of the items. In these cases, once the new total cost is calculated with shipping, the customer must purchase and pay for the bundle.

Information Protection

Please see our Privacy Policy. You can find the Privacy Policy page via the menu: Corporation -> Privacy Policy


Our prices are not open to negotiation. However, if you find that any of our item’s prices are too high based upon the indexed market averages sourced from the websites below, then we will consider an alteration to the price if it varies by at least 10 percent.

Orders & Payments

We offer multiple methods of payment. However, we recommend that you get an account with PayPal so that you may better protect your financial information while paying via the Internet.  Expect it to take an upwards of five business days for your payment to clear and us to ship your package.

Refunds & Returns

We do not offer refunds or accept returns. Everything that we sell is as advertised. However, if we make a mistake, we will attempt to rectify it in a manner that would be considered fair and equitable by the average person.


We primarily ship via the United States Postal Service since they deliver to everywhere in the United States. It has been proven to be the quickest means of transporting products in a timely manner. If we utilized other carriers and they did not deliver to your area, there would be a delay as they would have to transfer your products to the United States Postal Service for delivery.  Once dropped off at the local Post Office, it can take an upwards of five business days for a package to be delivered.


We reserve the right to deny a sale for any reason. If a denial is issued, the purchase price will be refunded.