Our Body of Work

Through our years of existence we have taken up assignments for many different companies. Below is a list of all our work and if we have a site reference, we will include that as well. The parts will be separated by who did the projects and the exact dates.

Projects by Chris and Tony!

Giovanni’s Pizza
* Giovanni’s Pizza is a local pizza shop which has been around since 1956. Loving the pizza so much, Chris & Tony did the menus in the Fall of 1999 right after the new pricing came out. As you will see, it was a very good job.

Admiral Communications
* Admiral Communications is a locally based, nation-wide ISP that both Chris & Tony use. In the Spring of 2000 after a fallout with another local ISP, they went looking for a new ISP and discovered all the reputable ISPs were bought by a local company named Admiral. Starting out as paying customers, Chris & Tony soon became the people who designed and co-ordinated the banners advertisements for Admiral.

Haslage Net Electronics
– Existing since the late 1980’s, Tony started this company with a friend who’s last name was Harsa. The company was a local service which did lawn mowing, snow shoveling and other general tasks for some pocket money. Harsa soon left to do other things and the company known as H & H (Haslage & Harsa) was left on a back burner.

With the advent of Chris getting a computer and both him and Tony learning how to use it and the internet, H & H was brought back as Haslage & Haslage. H & H now did computer generated art, posters and more for the local businesses. In 1998, H & H became Haslage Net Electronics (Haslage Internet Network Electronics) or otherwise known as HNE. This was a calculated name change once the sites KKWOW and UCMM gained popularity. It simply explained what HNE did in the name alone.

HNE Radio & NexMix
– An internet radio station started and ran by Chris in 1999, it is the only one in the area which deals with a mix of music is a mix of the 70’s to now with a hint of 60’s. Tony is a D.J with Chris as well as others. Check out the site for details!

Projects by Chris!
Chris specializes in graphic design and can offer Flash animation when needed.

* All thru 2002, Chris has been making screensavers and WinAmp skins for this internet radio station called RCN. You can see some of Chris’ work at RCN and KKWOW. Both Chris & Tony have done some broadcasting for RCN, but via rebroadcast from HNER.

Tara’s World of Gifts
* Late in 2000, Chris created the basic site template for this new gift site. The site features different gifts from all around the world.

Spacial*Audio Solutions
* The creators of the Streaming Audio Manager (SAM), used for internet radio stations, is a widely used program, Chris has been pitching in ideas to improve performance for the last year. SAM is also owned by the same people as AudioRealm.

Nullsoft: WinAmp
* Since the Summer of 2000, Chris has been submitting WinAmp skins. His Pokemon skins rank amongst the top downloads on the site. You can see others at KKWOW.

Kilokahn’s World ‘O Wonder
– Started in mid-1995 on ‘expage.com’ as a personal website, Chris mostly featured his personal interests in his life. Later, the site grew steadily while never officially opening with a small cult following of people who love his MIDI and Elton John features. Now KKWOW also features so much more and now opened features Wolfenstein, Doom and other forms of non-text based gaming.

Studio Hits
– Started in 2008, Studio Hits was created as an alternative, low commercial music stream for the most popular songs of rock music dating back to the 60s through today.

Projects by Tony!
Tony specializes in low-bandwidth and easy-to-navigate designs. He is also possibly the last person on this planet who programs in HTML without any form of HTML editor.

– Starting August 8th of 1996 by Tony, simply as a website dedicated to a group on a MUD, it soon expanded with the group to 4 MUDs. After the group was forced to disband, the site instead focused on the MUDs themselves and expanded well beyond just four.

Now being known as UCMM, its growth was dependent apon MUDs which wanted help with development and was in turn willing to help other MUDs. UCMM took in affiliations/memberships from both MUDs and related websites.

A new project by Baril (Mu*Ring), Aladeptus (Top MUD Sites) and Tony, known as Ntanel, called AMRO was started, it was to list sites which all joined together to help people who MUD find resources easily. By this time Tony had taken over another network called WIN.

In the Fall of 2000, after the addition of smaller sites to Tony’s workload, he decided to choose the name MudWorld to represent all the sites he owned. All the MudWorld sites combined is the largest and second most popular MUD resource site in the English speaking world.

MaxGaming Online Network MUD Section
* Tony has edited this site since Fall for the company known as MGO. His job includes editing the HTML, adding files for public downloads and managing the forums. He is also the Public Relations Manager to the MUD accounts he has accumulated for the network.

Media & Games Online Network: MudCenter
– Tony has ran this site since August 21st, 2000 as the Site Manager and President for the company known as MGON. His job included editing the HTML, adding files for public downloads, managing the forums, as well as public relations for MGON.

– In the Fall of 2000, Tony started an affiliation with AudioRealm, one of the largest Internet Radio sites in the world. The site was meant to unite internet radio and MUD sites together in hopes for both communities to benefit.

Samson’s Smaug Snippets
* On January 16th of 2001, Tony started an affiliation with Samson’s Smaug Snippets, Alsherok and Arthmoor Internet Services. Seeing the Smaug site needed a facelift, Tony got permission and within 6 hours a page which had not been changed since its creation in 1998 now had a new and better look.

IFT Command Templates
– January 17th – February 4th, 2001. Tony designed and released a general site template for chapter administrators who did not have the time or the ability to make thier own HTML. It was modeled after IFTs non-Shockwave communication panel design.

MudMagic (Formerally Kyndig.com)
* February 4th, 2001. Tony designed the main template which he cleaned up and simplified from the original site design.

– Starting in February 2001, Tony redesigned the total site using a MudWorld based template with a different color base. The site is mostly home to the Intermud-3 code, but also has other forms of IMC on it.

Grehyton’s MUD Resources
* On March 5th of 2001, Tony started an affiliation with Grehyton’s MUD Resources. Seeing the site needed a change from its frames setting in February, Tony got permission and within 6 hours a page which had not been changed since its creation in 1997 now had a new and better look.

Ntanel’s Homepage
– June of 2001, Tony designed a site for his personal projects called Ntanel’s Homepage.

Matthew’s Pictures (AniMatt)
– July of 2001, Tony designed a site for his artistic little brother and named it Matthew’s Pictures.

Qwest Tech Computers
– On August 9th of 2001, Tony started designing a site for a local computer store at the request of the head of sales, who is also an owner of the establishment. If you live in North Central Ohio, check out QTC’s website for information on computer sales and service.

The Federation: SpaceStation 51
– During August of 2001, Tony designed a site to host the webpages of chapters in the International Federation of Trekkers. It was an IFT member site which hosted chapters, departments and divisions. In 2013, Anthony built a new website while he served as the director of Internet Operations.

The Perfect Blend
* December of 2001, Tony designed a site for a hair design business called The Perfect Blend. In 2006, the business moved to a larger storefront and changed its name.

DirectWireless PCS
– March of 2002, Tony designed a site for a cellular and satellite business called Direct Wireless PCS.

DragonBall Anthology
– May of 2002, Tony designed a site to reflect his love of writing and the series known as DragonBall. Tony has even written numerous stories for a series called DragonBall Millennium.

Robert Taylor Insurance
* Summer of 2002, Tony designed a site for an insurance company.

Charlie & Joann’s
– In the fall of 2003, Anthony was asked by the legendary rhythm and blues DJ Charlie R and his artistic wife, Joann, to build a website by simply placing some of their business’ flyers.

Lorain County Community College: Student Life
* In the spring of 2004, Tony had conceptualized and won approval for the creation of a web portal to host web sites for student organizations. Tony created and revised web sites for the Student Senate, Program Board, Duck Radio and the Creativity Club and was in charge of maintaining most of them until the spring of 2007.

Star Trek New Voyages
* Winter of 2005/2006, Tony designed the layout for a fan created Star Trek episode site owned by the star and formed by former original series cast and crew.

All That Glitters Jewelry
* June of 2005, Tony designed the layout for a jewelry store owned by the mother of one of his friends from college. The new web design was up just in time for the 4th of July!

The Dungeon
* January of 2006, Tony designed the a web site for a game store owned by the person who took up hosting the SLCPA in 2006. The business eventually franchised and then went out of business.

Guitar Hero Tour Group: Wii Rockers
– In the fall of 2007, Tony had purchased Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock for the Nintendo Wii. He quickly grew addicted to the game and joined a tour group on the Guitar Hero web site named the Wii Rockers. In the spring of 2008, Tony offer to build and host an official tour group web site. The leader of the group, KirbyGCN17, approved and basing the design on the Guitar Hero web site, Tony built the Wii Rocker web site in under three hours.

Line 10 Entertainment
* As of the spring of 2008, Tony began work on the new web site for the Lorain, Ohio art and film production company. Due to limited server capabilities and a desire to deliver more than what the server can handle, construction had been halted.

International Federation of Trekkers
* In April of 2003 and January 2009, Tony began designing the layout and managing the content for the non-profit organization known as the International Federation of Trekkers.

Dick Goddard’s Weather Guides
– In the fall of 2008, Anthony got the legendary meteorologist Dick Goddard’s permission to distribute his weather guides. Dick Goddard had been updating and distributing the weather guides for nearly 20 years, but changes in the budget ended that. Anthony updated the information in the guides and distributed it to the security department of his local college as well as created the web site.

Invest Lorain
– During 2013, Anthony built the new website while he served as its chairperson.

Invest MyTown
– During 2013, Anthony built the new website while he served as the chairperson of Invest Lorain.

– During 2013, Anthony built the new website while he served as the chairperson of Invest Lorain.

K-9! Video Gaming
– During March of 2014, Anthony provided uniformly designed page headers and directed the reorganization of the website.

The Hero Zone
– During April of 2014, Anthony updated the social media and website.

Rockin’ Rooster Comics & Games
– During May of 2014, Anthony updated the social media and website.

Lake Erie Landlord Association
– Starting in August of 2014, Anthony updated the social media and website.

Common “Cents” Real Estate Investing
– Starting in October of 2014, Anthony built the social media and website.

NOTE: If you see an asterix “*” next to a description, it means that as of January 1st, 2014, that site has had a design change by another since it was designed by HNE.

Websites change design over time, so some of these website in which we have designed in the past may have changed their design now. If you like a site design, point it out to us and if we made it, we can surely duplicate aspects of it. If we did not make it, we can always evaluate the duplication factor and contact the designer for permission to use the design.