Virtual Airline

The airline industry is all about low costs and fast travel. Your job as the new president of an airline is to grow your regional airline into a global travel empire. Each player begins with a regional hub of their choosing, four regional (100×2/200/250 seats) and two national (250/300 seats) aircraft. Each passenger pays only 100 dollars per seat.


Acquiring addition regional hubs costs 100,000,000 dollars and must be located near a currently owned regional hub.

Region Region Region Region
U.S. Eastern U.S. Western Canadian Eastern Canadian Western
Mexico (Gulf/Atlantic) Central America Northern S. America Southern S. America
Northern Pacific Islands Western Europe Central Europe Eastern Europe
Russia/China Western Asia Eastern Asia Middle East
Northern Africa Southern Africa Australia Southern Pacific Islands (New Zeland)

 Airlines (CPU)

Airline Airline Airline Airline
Oceanic Transcontinental Air International Airlines Air Palantic
Southeastern Airlines Northwestern Air [Custom Name] (In-Application Purchase)

Passenger Jet Manufacturers

Model Code Airline Model Code Airline
AA Aussia Airliner UJ United Jet
HA Hispanic Aeroteca JJ Jerusalem Jet
EA Euro-Aerodynamics ASA Aero South Africa
JJA Japan Jump Airliner HC Haslage Corp. [25% Off Each Aircraft] (In-Application Purchase)

 Passenger Jet Classifications

The cost of each jet is equal to the number of passenger seats times 10,000 dollars.

Distance Passengers Distance Passengers
Regional 100, 200 & 250 National 250, 300 & 350
International 350, 400 & 450 Continental 450, 500 & 550
Intercontinental 550 & 600 Orbit (In-Application Purchase)
[Virgin Galactic]

 Airline Businesses

These will include the airline’s advertising and marketing functions as well deals with cruises, hotels, resorts and popular vacation spots.

  • The comments found in the brackets ([]) are simply ideas for possible use as everything is tentative.