TMNT: Tournament Fighters

Starting at the beginning, fight from the past to the present and even the future of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Many characters from the comic books, animated series and movies will make an appearance and most will be playable in the versus modes.

Characters (Characters will have skins/weapons for each era that they existed.):
Good: Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, Splinter, April O’Neil, Casey Jones, Ray Filet, Mondo Gecko, Metalhead, Slash, Ace Duck, Mona Lisa (Turtle/Salamander), Sal Commander, Pigeon Pete, Dr. Tyler Rockwell, Hamato Yoshi, Serling & Cody Jones, Ancient One, Silver Sentry, Nobody, Raptarr, Usagi Yojimbo, Napoleon Bonafrog, Ghengis Frog, Fugitoid (Prof. Honeycutt) & Traximus
Neutral: Karai, Leatherhead, Muckman & Joe Eyeball, Wingnut & Screwloose, Daimyo, Gen, Agent Bishop, Torbin Zixx & Utrom Cyborg
Bad: Shredder, Krang, Bebop, Rocksteady, Tiger Claw, Tokka, Rahzar, Dr. Baxter Stockman, Krang Sub-Prime, Super Shredder, Chris Bradford, Dog Pound, Anton Zeck, Ivan Steranko, Stockman Fly, Xever Montes, Fishface, Lord Dregg, Armaggon, Rat King, Cyber Shredder, Foot Soldier, Foot Mystic, Hun, Purple Dragon Thug, Mouser, Triceraton Soldier, Admiral Mozar, General Traag, Oroku Saki, Jammerhead & Street Phantom Goon

Stages (Stages will have alternates for each era that they existed):
Turtle’s Sewer Lair, Turtle’s Subway Lair, Cody Jones’ Penthouse, Shredder’s Tower, Shredder’s Lair, Stockman’s Lab, New York Street, Purple Dragon’s Lair, Battle Nexus Arena, Shredder’s Dungeon, Channel 6’s Rooftop, Sewer Tunnel, Inside a Spaceship, Generic Tournament Site, Rat King’s Lair, Garbage Dump & Japanese Dojo

Story Mode – Choosing a Ninja Turtle, begin fighting the Foot Clan in the comic book and work through time and a number of universes to defeat the Krang.

Story Mode Eras:
Early 1980s: Original Mirage Comic Book
Mid-1980s: Original Animated Television Series
Late 1980s: Original Live-Action Movies
Mid-1990s: Archie Comic Book
Early 2000s: TMNT Animated Series
Mid-2000s: TMNT: Fast Forward & Back to the Sewers
Late-2000s: IDW Comic Book
Early-2010s: Nickelodeon Animated Series
Mid-2010s: Nickelodeon Live-Action Movies

Friend Battle – Battle friends locally or via the Internet to unlock character skins.

Random Battle – Battle strangers from all over the Internet and earn coins to use in the Marketplace.

Tournament Mode – Compete against the computer and friends to prove who is the best tournament fighter to unlock character weapons.

Battle Nexus Tournament – Compete against other players from all over the Internet to prove who is the best tournament fighter and earn coins to use in the Marketplace.

Marketplace – Using coins earned in battle, players can acquire new characters, skins and weapons.