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The Truth About Literary Agents

Most literary agents will not accept a writer’s submission unless they think that the book will earn a substantial amount of money. The fact is, many writers have gone years without finding a single literary agent because those agents that they had applied to did not believe in their work’s profit potential. The writers eventually discovered self-publishing and have proven those agents wrong by scoring top-selling books. Frankly, your goal should be more about sharing your passion for writing than making money.

While our focus is particularly on comic books, non-fiction business, manga and science-fiction books, we are open to anyone interested in taking a chance on the self-publishing marketplace. Unlike most literary agencies, we focus on a few primary publishers and mainly for online publishing purposes. Not everyone has the knack of navigating the self-publishing websites themselves, so that is why we are here. Thus, considering that aspect, we are not only a literary agent, we are a publisher.

Below is a breakdown of the methods that we currently offer for publishing. If you are interested in these services, please feel free to contact us.

Publishing – By Format

Packages / Percentage U.S. & E.U. Worldwide
Amazon – Kindle 10% 15%
Amazon – Paperback 15% 20%
Amazon – Audio Not Available Not Available

An explanation on how self-publishing works

It is rather simple in essence. Once editing is complete, your document is converted into an Adobe PDF file. A cover and additional formatting is completed and the book is submitted for publishing. Since we would be using our account to publish your book, we would be paid any royalties. We will then set aside approximately 25 percent for taxes. From the remainder, we take a percentage off as our fee and you will be issued the remainder via Paypal.

Providing a Cover

If you have the capability or know someone else that does, it is recommended that you create a cover for your book. The image needs to be in the JPEG format of 300 DPI and at least 11 inches tall by 8.5 inches wide. Getting a professional cover image made requires an upfront payment, but our goal here is to keep the costs as low as possible while encouraging writers to create their book’s identity.

Explaining the Percentages

It costs less to publish a book in the United States and the European Union than worldwide due to the various fees associated with publishing in a large number of countries. However, there is the potential to sell a lot more worldwide than you would have in just the United States and European Union alone.

Project Collaboration

From time to time we may engage in projects meant to release short works completed by a group of individuals. In those cases, we determine each authors fair share based upon that total pages contributes to the final project. By default, HNE contributes the front and back covers, table of contents, bibliography and so on… For example, the total project is 100 pages. HNE contributes 10 pages. You contribute 30 pages. Another author contributes 40 pages. A third author then contributes 20 pages. For ease of understanding, the pages contributed and percentages earned in this example are the same.

Why are we doing this?

Frankly, like many other writers, we were tired of being denied again and again by countless literary agents. We are not looking to get rich, we just wanted to share our passion with others. Thus, we are offering other writers in our situation a simpler way of getting their books to the public.

What will we not accept?

We are not interested in explicit sexual content, hate and propaganda. If you seek to produce pornography, build yourself or an organization up or tear down another, you will need to look elsewhere.

Current Projects

Tales from the Mentally Sane: A Collection (Working Title)
A collaboration project open to authors willing to submit a collection of short stories in the fantasy and science fiction genres. This offer is only open to four authors.
Anthony R. Haslage
We are accepting other projects.
If you have material put together in a digital format that you would like to have published and it meets our requirements listed above, we will take a look at it. If it makes sense and is remotely entertaining, we would like to move forward with publishing your book. We are also interested in starting a run of comic books. Contact us to let us know that you are interested!

Published Authors

Anthony R. Haslage