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The Truth About Networking

The truth is, once you learn it, you should never need to pay someone else to format and reinstall your operating system or hook-up your network for you again. When you ask us to your home, you are offered the opportunity to learn what we are doing so that you may never need to ask for help again. Then again, we are totally okay with being asked back to your home to do it all again. One more thing, our service area is local to us. If you are not based in or around 25 miles of Lorain, Ohio (44055), we cannot help you. Sorry.

Computer & Network Solutions – By Hour

Packages / Pricing Residential Commercial
Malware & Virus Removal
(Includes Anti-Malware/Virus Software Install)
$10.00 $15.00
Format & Operating System Reinstall $10.00 $15.00
Modem / Router / Up to five devices $20.00 $35.00
Modem / Router / Over five devices Add $5.00 per additional device. Add $5.00 per additional device.

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Malware & Virus Removal

The process of removing malicious programs from a computer can be time consuming. A lot of the time is simply waiting for the anti-malware/virus software to detect the program. Once found, the program may be able to be removed. However, some malicious programs embed themselves into the operating system creating instability. In those cases, it may be best to back up all data, format and reinstall the operating system.

Formatting and reinstalling an operating system

Before we begin, we must make sure that the computer is plugged in to the power and the Internet. Then, we need the operating system disc and the location of the software key. The software key is usually found in the form of a sticker on the system, if not in the case with the operating system disc. Here is the kicker… Some newer, compact computers do not have a disc drive. You will need an external disc drive if that is the case. By the way, when I say disc, I mean a compact disc (CD), not a floppy disk (3.5 inch). Without these items, formatting and reinstalling the operating system become very difficult. This initial process can take approximately two hours, but it depends on the computer’s specifications. A faster computer with a smaller hard disk drive (HDD) will take less time than a slower computer with a larger HDD.

After the operating system has been reinstalled

Once the operating system has been reinstalled, the remainder of the time taken is to reinstall or update software for the hardware that the operating system did not detect, download and install any operating system updates and add computer and network security. This process can be tediously long, sometimes upwards of 12 hours. A fast computer with a high speed Internet connection can reduce the total time. Once all of the intial updates have been completed, the computer can be set to make automatic updates monthly or as they become available.

An explanation on how networking works

The Internet travels to your home or business in any number of ways. Most commonly, it travels by wire via cable or telephone line, however it can also reach you by satellite. Once installed, the wire first connects to a modem. Now, some modems also double as a router, but if it does not and there is more than one computer, a router is then connected to the modem. From the router is established the Internet connection to all of your devices and this creates your network. Computers, tablets, cellular telephones and the like can all typically connect to your network. However, in this day and age, it is always a good idea to make sure that your router is not open to strangers to access and that all of your devices have the proper security software.

Something to keep in mind is that all personal computers sold today have at least an Ethernet access port. An Ethernet access port looks like a larger telephone connection port. In that port would go a local area network (LAN) wire that is directly connected to your modem or router. To see what network your computer is connected to or to make a connection, look for the double monitor, satellite dish or cone shaped icon somewhere on either the top or bottom of your screen and click or tap on it.

A quick word of caution, always have a computer directly connected to either the modem or router via LAN wire. This will prevent you from being entirely disconnected from your network if there is a wireless signal conflict that prevents your other devices from accessing your network. The most common cause are wireless telephones and video game consoles.

Our Typical Networking Assignment

We arrive, establish where the equipment is located and determine the best way to connect each device. We then assess the cost and proceed with establishing your network. To save some time and money, please make sure that all of the devices that you wish to connect to the network have been turned on. We then access either your modem or router to create a secured network, which also means creating a network passkey. We then go from device to device establishing a network connection and ensure that each device can connect to a website.

What does all this network stuff mean?

Basically said, if we make five network connections and it takes under a hour, you only pay for that hour. At minimum, we charge at the hourly rate. Thus, if establishing the network takes 90 minutes, then you owe us for two hours.