Social Media Management

About Social Media

Managing social media does not need to take all day, but sometimes it just seems that way. We can manage your Facebook page and Twitter account so that you do not need to. All we would need is a call or e-mail whenever you have an update each week. Within 24 hours, your update will be posted on social media for the world to see. We can even update social media headers, icons, logos and other images as needed.

If you are also one of our web design clients who has a subscription with us, our combined update services are available at a reduced price. If you are not, then you at least get a price break if we manage both Facebook and Twitter for you.

Social Media Management – By Month

Packages / Pricing Account Creation Update (Per Item) Update (Subscription)
Facebook $10.00 $5.00 Each $20.00 Monthly
Twitter $10.00 $5.00 Each $20.00 Monthly

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Social Media Management Information

The first thing that you should know is that if you have both a Facebook and Twitter account, they can be linked together where one can feed the other. The easiest route is to have Facebook feed Twitter. The second thing that you should know is that both Facebook and Twitter have the ability to be integrated into a website in some limited ways. The least difficult method is in the form of a feed. Feeds display on your website what has been posted to your social media so that you do not need to manually edit your website. Plus, not everyone subscribes to one or the other, let alone both Facebook and Twitter.

These prices only cover the costs of social media management, unless otherwise noted. Any additional images being made that are not part of the website layout are totally up to the designer. The designer may charge an additional fee for the extra time they spend making the images, be it simple or complex. This does not include hosting costs for those who do not already have a host.

Social Media Maintenance

If you wish for us to maintain your social media, it will cost the monthly subscription price declared above. These updates may include contact information updates, general news, attachments and images. If it is a large job, bordering on a redesign of the social media, these will be charged accordingly, per the web design prices. Otherwise, feed updates can be submitted at one update per day.

Important Notices

We do not offer refunds if you delete your accounts or otherwise. All monetary transactions are done in United States currency.

We work 50% below the nation’s average for social media management. We do not make extravagant graphics because we do not employ graphical artists. If you require one, you may find one yourself unless you prefer that we hire one. Graphical artists are generally costly to keep on staff and are best utilized in an as needed base. Their talent is worth it if you have the funds. Each graphical artist has different prices based on time and project depth.

We can scan documents and images that you may wish to use as well as accept those files as an attachment in an e-mail. Otherwise, many office supply stores offer document and image scanning and will place your file onto a disc/disk or flash drive. It will be a lot more cost-effective if you do so on your own. If all goes well, when an exchange is made, we would hope all notes, discs and what not are supplied. This way we can start on the site as soon as possible and make any adjustments you need.