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This is the story of Haslage Net Enterprises (HNE)…

About Haslage Net Enterprises

It all began in South Lorain, Ohio in 1986… At the time we were known as Haslage & Harsa (H&H). H&H would perform odd-jobs for neighbors such as mowing lawns, shoveling snow and raking leaves. Back then, H&H was run by Anthony R. Haslage and Jeremy M. Harsa. This lasted only two years, when Harsa left.

In 1988, Christopher A. Haslage obtained some basic computer skills from school and acquired a Commodore 64. H&H was officially in the computer business, but now it stood for Haslage & Haslage. The word Electronics was added to the name to create H&H Electronics.

H&H Electronics did more than just odd-jobs. They made banners and posters for local businesses. They earned gratuities for their work and used that money to purchase office equipment. On the side, Christopher would play games on his Commodore 64 and he discovered the world of MUDs (Multi-User Domains). MUDs were text adventure games that many people on the Internet would visit to escape the normal, hum-drum day. Christopher played on MUDs for about three months via the local Free-Net until Anthony learned of it during the summer of 1988. This discovery would make them world-known.

Taking turns on a single computer, Anthony and Christopher were playing on MUDs so frequently that they became two of the most well-known players in the games that they played. They began to accrue followers, thus needing to create a clan. Luckily, Anthony had eventually obtained his own computer so that both he and Christopher could be online at the same time. In late 1988, the Knights were formed upon the MUD Death’s Domain and expanded to Perilous Realms in 1992 as the Newbie Knights. This started the ball rolling that took H&H Electronics to the Internet.

In 1996, Christopher borrowed an IBM 486 personal computer from a friend and started the Kilokahn’s World of Wonder (KKWOW) website. Soon after that, Anthony needed a website for the Newbie Knights and that eventually evolved into the United Clans of Perilous Realms (UCPR).

In 1997, the UCPR evolved into United Clans of Multiple MUDsites (UCMM) when the Knights expanded further to multiple MUDs. Months later, Anthony and Christopher started a MUD of their own known as ResortMUD (RM) and Anthony obtained control of the Inter-MUD Communications (IMC) Network and renamed it the World IMC Network (WIN). It was at this point that Anthony and Christopher began to develop their own personal websites based upon their non-related hobbies. While Anthony focused on his love for animation, Christopher focused on music and video gaming.

In 1998, UCMM was renamed the United Council of Multiple MUDsites. Anthony also obtained the MUD resource known as MUD Staff Resource Page (MSRP) and added the Affiliated MUD Resource Organization (AMRO) as a resource to list other MUD resources. It was about this time that H&H Electronics became Haslage Net Electronics and obtained its own web site.

In 1999, AMRO, UCMM, MSRP, RM and WIN became known as a part of MudWorld and its first new addition was a web site known as The MUD Journal (TMJ). MudWorld grew steadily, absorbed other MUD related web sites and changed over time until it stopped being actively updated by the end of 2006. ResortMUD was taken offline near the end of 2007. In 2008, MudWorld was archived on HNE and removed in 2014.

In 2000, Haslage Net Electronics Radio (HNER) was created. Originally, HNER was a part-time Internet radio broadcast using ShoutCast that from time to time had its own stream or teamed up with other new Internet radio stations to create a 24-hour schedule. After a few years, a dedicated 24-hour, automated stream was created that broadcast strictly 1980s music. Eventually, DJ Wags was added as the station mascot.

In 2002, Anthony and Christopher’s youngest brother, Matthew A. Indre, started his personal website which originally featured his hand drawn art work. Every few years the website received a facelift and as of 2010, the website reflected a comic book that Matthew was working on at the time.

In 2003, HNE’s staff began publishing video game related articles, previews and reviews. Due to the increased popularity of this work, a few of HNE’s staff were even asked to write for a few game publishers about specific games. Eventually, many of these reviews were recorded to sound and placed on video as a segment known as GameBreak. In addition, HNER became NexMix: HNER.

In 2005, KKWOW started a project to have Animalympics’ creators to release the animated movie’s soundtrack on compact disc. In 2006, KKWOW began a project known as the Retro Emulation Station (RES). In 2008, the RES machine made its debut at an Ohio anime convention.

In 2009, HNER went through a major overhaul, including the addition of the name Studio Hits. The name change was created as a means to better market the station to local outlets that sought disc jockeys as well as encourage locations throughout the world to broadcast the station via the Internet.

In 2011, Games – Ohio (GO) and Unified Grant Solutions (UGS) were created. GO’s purpose was to expand upon the work of the South Lorain Card Players Association and market its staff as a premier game-related event organizer while also promoting its affiliates. UGS’ purpose was to provide various professional business services via a well-educated staff.

In 2012, Haslage Net Electronics changed its name to Haslage Net Enterprises (HNE) to better reflect its varied services and staff talents. In addition, QuizZing was launched into beta development as a new computer-based, party quiz game.

In 2014, KKWOW became a Minecraft community and server. In addition, HNE Games was merged into Games – Ohio. In October, Unified Grant Solutions went out of business and many of its services were merged into HNE.

Details about individual websites can be found on their respective pages.

From the Knights to MudWorld

During the summer of 1988, the original Knights group was formed on a MUD known as Death’s Domain and remained there until its closure. It was an uneventful, yet fruitful time for the Knights, led by Scorpion. By the end of 1992, the Knights had expanded onto Perilous Realms. However, the evolution of the Knights did not occur until Ntanel StormBlade had taken over as the overall leader in 1996. This is the story of how the Knights eventually became MudWorld.

During his time on Death’s Domain, Ntanel also began playing on a MUD known as Perilous Realms. He first joined the HELPERS clan, ran by Decay. Under Decay’s leadership, Ntanel figured out that he could lead a clan designed to help players to fill requirements for becoming members of the HELPERS. Ntanel was a member of the Knights of Death’s Domain and with Scorpion’s permission created the Newbie Knights of Perilous Realms.

By the middle of 1992, the Knights had completed their expansion onto Perilous Realms. The Newbie Knights were created to make a home for the ‘outsiders’ of MUDding. The main goal was to give newbies a place to belong and to be educated in MUDding. The new Knights boasted of free membership at any level and without prejudice. The problem that lied at hand was that there was too much freedom within the clan.

During 1994, a member of the Knights rebelled by creating a new group named the Black Souls on Perilous Realms. Eidolon had set his clan’s goal to destroy his former group, the Knights. A group cold-war began between the Knights and the Black Souls that lasted only a few months. Senior members of the Knights had infiltrated the Black Souls as spies. In no time, the Black Souls roster was almost completely filled by undercover Knights. In less time than it takes to blow your nose, Eidolon had been informed of the makeup of his membership and in humiliation, disbanded the Black Souls.

In late December 1996, in an effort to elicit more interest from potential new members for its chapters located on many different MUDs, it was decided that the Knights needed a website. Soon after came a section named the United Clans of Perilous Realms (UCPR). Think of it like a United Nations of clans based on Perilous Realms. The website promoted clans allied with the Knights.

In early January 1997, after an investigation by Perilous Realms staff members, Fionn and Deth, they found eleven members of the Knights guilty of multi-playing. Multi-playing was the act of logging simultaneously into a game as multiple different characters. These members were instantly deleted and the Knights were ordered to disband. It was made clear after this investigation that all of the clan leaders would be held responsible for all of the clan members.

In late January 1997, Jon, the general manager of HELPERS, helped Ntanel create a new set of rules and regulations for entry into the Knights. Many of the remaining members of the Knights on Perilous Realms had decided to move onto other groups and a few had even started their own groups following the same rules that the Knights had created.

In early February 1997, as a result of the Knights being forced to disband on Perilous Realms, it was decided to modify the website once again. The new website promoted not just the other groups on Perilous Realms in addition to the other Knights chapters, but also promoted other MUDs and the groups on them. The new website was named the United Clans of Multiple MUDsites (UCMM). By this time, the Knights had expanded onto Distant Lands and Dragon’Spire in addition to being established on Death’s Domain and Perilous Realms.

In late February 1997, Scorpion, the overall leader of the Knights franchise, announced that he was leaving the MUDding world and that either his second in command, Luther, or his third in command, Ntanel, would take the overall leadership of the Knights. After a week in deliberation, Scorpion had decided that Ntanel would be the best fit to move the Knights into the future, even with the recent Perilous Realms ordeal in mind. At that point, Luther had decided to leave the Knights. Within a month, Ntanel had begun to regrown the Knights. Its membership had reached nearly 100 total members amongst all of its chapters combined and its name was changed to the [KNIGHTS Inter-MUD].

In early April 1997, Fionn had decided to allow the Knights to become a group once again on Perilous Realms. Ntanel had assigned a former member of Newbie Knights, Dakota, to lead the Perilous Realm chapter of [KNIGHTS Inter-MUD].

In late April 1997, the clan “nOtHiNg mOrE”, co-created by HELPERS General Manager Jon, was the second group set out to remove the Knights from Perilous Realms. It failed due to immortal interaction. It was not two weeks later when Ntanel and Jon were both inducted as members of the Midgard Defense Corps. They worked together with many members of other clans to keep the Clan of Dragon Riders out of Midgard. Providing protection to all who needed it united the Knights of Perilous Realms and HELPERS with others in a common cause.

During late 1997, ResortMUD (RM) had been created and had obtained control of the Inter-MUD Communications (IMC) Network, renaming it the World IMC Network (WIN).

During 1998, it was decided to drop support of MUD groups and rename UCMM to the United Council of Multiple MUDsites. UCMM would now only support MUDs and related websites. The newly acquired MUD Staff Resource Page (MSRP) and the newly created Affiliated MUD Resource Organization (AMRO) were added to the website. The MSRP allowed MUD staff to list open positions as well as allowing unemployed MUD staff to list that they seek a position. The AMRO was a list that listed other resource websites, like how UCMM listed MUDs.

By the end of 1998, UCMM had become the second largest MUD-related resource website in the English speaking world behind the MUD Connector and even won some awards. Eventually, UCMM added sections that dealt with MUD coding, building, administration.

By the end of 1999, all of the sections of the website were separated into division and uniformly called MudWorld. Soon after, Codebase Headquarters, The MUD Journal and the Immortal University were added to MudWorld. The MUD Journal was a depository for articles based upon MUDding. The Immortal University was a school for potential MUD staff. Codebase Headquarters was initially created as a place for ResortMUD development, but after the year 2000, ended up becoming a codebase development center and depository for more than just ResortMUD.

On September 10, 2001, WIN was hacked. Over the course of a few months, control of the network was lost to a competitor.

By the end of 2006, MudWorld stopped being actively updated. In late 2007, ResortMUD was taken offline. When MudWorld closed in 2008 and was archived on HNE. In 2014, the archive was removed from the Internet.

  • Anthony R. Haslage (Ntanel StormBlade)

About Kilokahn’s World of Wonder

I would best describe Kilokahn’s World of Wonder as wacky. It is what I think inside of my brain, and I place it on the page. Some of this maybe more complex that others, but I am a simple person. I like to make people happy, and even laugh. If I have to take punches from myself to make the viewer satisfied, I would. I feel that if no one ever visits my page, why bother.

Kilokahn’s World of Wonder started as a bet on IRC chat. The bet was to see if I could make a webpage on a Commodore 64. Without pictures it was difficult, but not impossible. I made a page that drew a few people and proved a Commodore 64 is not a total piece of junk. Eventually I went on Geocities and made a page there. I had scanned pictures of me that I duplicated in school. With my trusty Commodore 64, I put the scanned pictures onto the Internet.

Around then, UCMM started up and I was making the page there. That and school drained my free time to do anything with KKWOW. I basically gave up on KKWOW. I have tried to work on other things, but Kilokahn’s World of Wonder was always my playground. I guess I will always be compelled to work on that page. The enjoyment of one person from my page will be reason enough to continue working on it.

  • Christopher A. Haslage (Kilokahn)