DC Versus Marvel: The Amalgam Universe

Over the course of more than two decades, DC and Marvel Comics have created a number of crossover series, ultimately creating the Amalgam Universe. Many characters from the comic books, animated series and movies will make an appearance and most will be playable in the versus modes.

Amalgamations = DC + Marvel (Characters on the same team that can fuse.):
Amazon = Wonder Woman + Storm
Angelhawk = Hawkman + Angel
Aqua-Mariner = Aquaman + Sub-Mariner
Baron Zero = Mr. Freeze + Baron von Strucker
Bat-Thing = Man-Bat + Man-Thing
Big Question = Riddler + Kingpin
Bizarnage = Bizarro + Carnage
Black Bat = Batgirl + Black Cat
Canary = Black Canary + Mockingbird
Captain Marvel = Billy Batson Transformed + Mar-Vell
Catsai = Catwoman + Elektra
Dare, the Terminator = Deathstroke + Daredevil
Darkclaw = Batman + Wolverine
Deathborg = Cyborg + Deathlok
Dr. Doomsday = Doomsday + Doctor Doom
Dr. Strangefate = Dr. Fate + Dr. Strange
Galactiac = Braniac + Galactus
Green Hawkeye = Green Arrow + Hawkeye
Green Skull = Lex Luthor + Red Skull
Hyena = Harley Quinn + Sabertooth
Iceberg = Ice + Iceman
Iron Lantern = Green Lantern + Iron Man
Jade Nova = Jade (Green Lantern) + Nova (Herald)
Lobo the Duck = Lobo + Howard the Duck
Mandarinestro = Sinestro + Mandarin
Mister X. = J’onn J’onzz + Prof. Xavier
Mercury = Impulse + Quicksilver
Moonwing = Nightwing + Moon Knight
Prof. Kang = Prof. Zoom + Kang, the Conqueror
Red Vision = Red Tornado + Vision
Skulk = Solomon Grundy + Hulk
Sparrow = Robin + Jubilee
Speed Demon = Ghost Rider + Flash
Spider-Boy = Superboy + Spider-Man
Super Soldier = Superman + Captain America
Terra-X = Terra + Terrax
Thanoseid = Darkseid & Thanos
Thorion = Orion + Thor
Two-Faced Goblin = Two-Face + Green Goblin
Ultra-Metallo = Metallo + Ultron
White Witch = Zatanna + Scarlet Witch

Non-DC/Marvel Characters:
Amalgam: Access

DC: Wayne Manor, Titan’s Tower, Daily Planet Rooftop, Kent Farm & Flash Museum
Marvel: X-Mansion, Avenger’s Tower, Baxter Building Rooftop, Forest Hill/Queens, NY Street & Vista Verde Street

Story Mode – Choosing a team of characters, begin fighting random teams of either heroes or villains to either assist or prevent Thanoseid from taking over all of the universes.

Friend Battle – Battle friends locally or via the Internet to unlock characters.

Random Battle – Battle strangers from all over the Internet and earn coins to use in the Marketplace.

Tournament Mode – Compete against the computer and friends to prove who is the best superhero or villain to unlock stages.

Marketplace – Using coins earned in battle, players can acquire new characters and stages.