HNE’s YouTube Channel Is Splitting Up!

After years of all of our YouTube content being centralized on a single channel and after about seven months of monitoring analytics… It has been revealed that we need to divide up the YouTube content between multiple channels. It took a lot of Mr. Beast, TubeBuddy and TF Reviewers conversations and tutorials to come to this conclusion. Covering games, technology and toys on a single channel is creating brand confusion. For example, one day we publish a toy video, get a few subscribers, then the next day we publish a game video and then they unsubscribe. It was happening consistently, leading to the current stagnant subscription count. This is probably why after 15 years, the channel is not earning as much money as it should.

Over the course of the end of June and through July 2022, we will be moving some content from the channel that was named “HNE Games, Tech & Toys” to a more appropriate channel. In most of the cases, older content will be added to the new channel’s playlists. No one would want to move nearly 400 videos. New content will then just be published to their respective channels beginning July 1, 2022. As you can see, work on rebranding “HNE Games, Tech & Toys” has already begun. Here are the new channels’ URLs:

HNE Games –

HNE Tech –

HNE Toys –

There has been some content that has already been moved to the Internet Politician channel, primarily for the International Federation of Trekkers. –

Other content that will be published on a new channel includes Transformers action figure reviews. Those will now be published to HNE Toys beginning July 1, 2022. Moose and I have new videos lined up for Fridays at 6 PM ET throughout the month of July. I have begun subscribing HNE Toys to channels of Transformers Reviewers affiliates and members. Any tech content, of which there is little, will actually be moved to HNE Tech. Some editorial content may also be moved. On HNE Games for July, we have Pokemon Trading Card Game Online code give-a-ways from Nathan Kaiser, plus more beat ’em up game play with the TMNT.

In addition, and obviously, only the individual YouTube channels will be rebranded and some staff will be moved around. Everything else, including our social media and the website, still functions as it should and links to each channel have been added to this website’s menu. The general branding will still remain “HNE Games, Tech & Toys” everywhere else. Where applicable, all three channels will be listed in social media.

There is still some work to be done to sunset mismatched content on HNE Games. Essentially, once everything is added to a playlist or moved, the old playlists will be hidden and the only way to find mismatched content will be by searching for it.

If you have any questions, please contact Anthony via the social media channels.


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